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7 August 2007

Euros 2007: The break

The European Universities Debating Championships (EUDC) 2007 Break.

1. Oxford A 20pts (Alex Just and Alex Worsnip)
2 Cambridge B 18pts (Giles Robertson & Sam Block)
3 UC Cork Philosoph A 17pts (Derek Lande & Derek Doyle)
4 Oxford B - 16pts
5 Durham B - 16pts (Ian Chapman & Siddharth Khajuria)
6 St. Andrews A 16pts (Connie Grieve & Doug Cochran)
7 Oxford C 16pts (Andrew Marshall & Shengwu Li)
8 UC Cork Philosoph B (Paul Flynn & Conor O Brien)
9 Kings College London (KCL) A - 15pts (Jonathan Maynard Leader & Louis Palombo)
10 UC Dublin L&H B (Susan Connolly & Mags Carter)
11 UC Cork Philosoph C (Diarmuid Early & Ross Frenett)
12 UC Cork Law A (Art Ward & Tiernan Fitzgibbon)
13 UC Cork Law B (Stephen Nolan & Daniel P. McCarthy)
14 Oxford D
15 UC Dublin L&H A (Ross Kelly & Gregg O'Neill)
16 Cambridge A (Daniel Warents & David Tite)

Points of note:

  • Oxford topped the tab and had 4 teams breaking but Cork were the most successful college with 5 teams in the break.
  • In total 7 institutions from 3 countries made the break.
  • Cambridge C (Jo Box & Shane Murray) were in the top room in round 7 but missed out on speaker points.
  • I don't yet have the ESL break. I'll post it as soon as I get it.
  • The QF to attend (if you are near Koc) has to be C2 with UCC Phil A (Derek Lande & Derek Doyle) and St Andrews A (Connie Grieve & Doug Cochran).

Quater Final Draw:
1. Oxford A
8 UCC Philosoph B
9 Kings College London (KCL) A
16 Cambridge A

4 Oxford C
5 Durham B
12 UCC Law A
13 UCC Law B

2 Cambridge B
7 Oxford C
10 UCD L&H B
15 UCD L&H A

3 UCC Philosoph A
6 St. Andrews A
11 UCC Philosoph C
14 Oxford D

Top 2 from A1 meet the top 2 from D1 in the Semis. Likewise for B2 & C2.

Thanks to Derek Lande for the quick update from Koc, Istanbul


  1. Anonymous12:18 am

    I can confirm that Cam A broke, and C missed on speaks

  2. just filling in blanks for anyone interested, am almost certain that L&H B are Susan Connolly and Mags Carter.....


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