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31 August 2007

ANU Spring Tournament 2007

The Australian National University (ANU) Spring Tournament 2007 was held from the 24th to the 26th of August 2007 at the ANU.

The winner of the tournament was Giselle Kenny and Katherine Connolly from Sydney University.

The other finalists were Brad Lancken and Naomi Oreb from Sydney University, Alice Heathcoate and Julian Ensbey from University of Queensland and Victor Finkel and Julian Campbell from Monash University.

The top ten speakers were,
1. Andrew Chapman
2. Brad Lancken
3. Naomi Oreb
4. Julian Ensbey
5. Toby Halligan
5. Alice Heathcoate
7. Claudia Newman-Martin
8. Sam Greenland
9. Raihan Ismail
9. Victor Finkel
9. James Robertson

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