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9 August 2007

2nd Prop: David Tite

David Tite of Cambridge A

Major points:
Why do democracies go to war?
Even if the reasons for going to war we want them to win.
We need social cohesion and high morale
How we need to stop short term losses becomming a big deal.

1. How is this different to any other weapon.
War crimes will still be found out about.
Won't allow states to have a completely free reign. White phospherus wasn't revealed by the government.

Poi; from dan. US lied about napalm. The media exposed it and the people rioted in respnse.

Even if it is harmful, its better than losing the war.

Social cohesion: need people to volunteer to fight. Need people to bare sacrifices such as taxes etc. WW2 had massive sacrifices.

Certain truthful information can be incredibly demoralising.

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