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9 August 2007

1st Op: Daniel P. McCarthy

Daniel P. McCarthy UCC Law B

1. Confidence in the state aparatus.
2. Changing Perceptions
3. Effects

Definition challenege: should there not be a distinction between lying about reasons for war/ pursuit of.

Journalists also reveal the truth, not just historians.

Become illegitimate if you use tricky weapons. Eg. Napalm as used in Vietnam.

1. Lies about reason for going to war in iraq undermines confidence.

Germany, lied about how ww1 was going which undermined confidence in the state which created the atmosphere for the failed state that followed.

May have worked in the past. But state no longer controls the media.

2. The reason people were annoyed about the dodgy dossier was because people no longer support war for jingoistic reasons.

3. Libel/Democracy - Stephen will talk about
Impact is that soldiers will be seriously demoralised once they hear they have been lied to.

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