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31 July 2007

Worlds 2009 Report / ESL-EFL / Worlds 2008 Rego

Dear All,
I hope this email finds everyone in great health and spirits.

I. 2009 Worlds I would like to thank Art Ward, Derek Lande, and the entire Cork Worlds 2009 Team for their July report. You may find a link to the file in the message attached to this email or just click on this: Any comments or concerns must be forwarded to your national or regional representatives. They in turn will communicate your sentiments to the Worlds 2009 organising committee.
(Editor's note: This is a large file (36MB). You might want to bear that in mind before downloading on a dial-up connection.)

II. The ESL-EFL Committee It is with great pleasure that I name Lars Duursma as the Chair of the ESL-EFL Committee. The purpose of this committee is to discuss and formulate a constitutional amendment to be considered at council next year on the issue of the EFL competition. He may be contacted at . I would like to thank him for accepting the role.

III. Worlds 2008 Registration Thanks to TJ, Rish, and the whole Assumption Worlds 2008 Team and their continued tireless work, the registration for this years event has been quite phenomenal. However, I have noticed that some "institutions" registering for Worlds are not quite legitimate. I will ask the organising committee to forward us the complete list of registered teams during their Verification Phase (1st September - 4th September). We will then ask the committee to return the funds to the constitutionally ineligible teams and drop them from the list. It's simple, if you created your own institution/fragmented an existing one to circumvent the team cap, just withdraw your entry now and save yourself some embarrassment and drafting/wiring fees.

Thanks for your kind attention.
Ian Lising

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