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8 July 2007

Tabbie system

Klaas van Schelven has contacted me about developments with the Tabbie Tab System (the system used at NTU Worlds in 2004).

If anyone is interested a short description of the "new Tabbie" can be found at

A working demo can be found at

Update 08/07: The link to the demo has been changed to

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  1. The newest version (1.1.1) can be found on the project's homepage.

    This version supports
    * An overview page for peace of mind in stressful tab rooms.
    * An integrated one-click backup module
    * Adjudicator sheets can now be generated with one click as a PDF (no mail merge required)
    * The official WUDC rules to calculate its draw. (as before)

    More info:
    Tabbie British Parliamentary Debating Tab Software


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