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18 July 2007

Debating in China has lots to offer

Very recent debating movements in China shows it is gradually becoming debating power house in the North East Asian region. It is true that, some of the obstacles like Proper Training Facilities were not there before, but organization like World Debate Institute and Society for Associated Inter-Tertiary Debaters (SAID) of Singapore is providing that helping hand for its debating journey. Alfred C. Snider Aka Tuna; Director of World Debate Institute and with him many other debating contributors actively participating with this English Debating Movement in China. Some of the outcomes of these movements are summarized here.

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Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) Debate Education Programmes

Recently a series of British Parliamentary (BP) debate education workshops were conducted by Loke Wing Fatt for 60 freshmen, 250 sophomores and 6 professors of the School of English & International Studies (SEIS) at the Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU).

Providing excellent guidance and facilitation as Co-Trainers were Ms Liang Hong, Debate Coach & Lecturer at the SEIS and her 8 senior debaters from the BFSU Debate Team.

During this time lunch-time debate workshop was also conducted for over 120 members of the Beijing Language & Culture University English Debating Society (BLCU EDS) to bust the confidence of English Debating in China.

Macau University (MU) Debate Workshop

24 members of the Macau University English Club attended a 2.5-day Debate Workshop recetly. The university students were introduced to the major varsity debate formats and taught the basics of good debating. An American Parliamentary Style Exhibition Debate was staged by 4 debaters for the student body of Macau University.

Tianjin City Universities American Parliamentary (AP) Style Debate Workshop

In Tianjin, the sister city of Beijing ( about 3 hours away), Hewlens Wong, Anthony Paul and Loke Wing Fatt from SAID conducted a 5-day American Parliamentary (AP) Style Debate Workshop at Nankai University for over 60 university students from Nankai University, Tianjin Foreign Studies University and Tianjin University.

Public lectures on debating cum exhibition debates were also staged for the students and lecturers of these 3 major universities of this famed seaport city of China. The 3 SAID trainers also held a lunch-time exhibition debate at the renowned Tianjin Experiment High School.

Source: Beijing Foreign Studies University website
Society for Associated Inter-Tertiary Debaters (SAID) website

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