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17 June 2007

Participant Forms and Final Call for Payments

Dear all EUROS2007 lovers,

Deadline announced for payment will be expired in 8 Days (24th of June). We could extend this period for 4 days after tough struggling with banking bureaucracy. Therefore, this mail includes both a last call for participants not paid yet and also further details related to completion of registration PHASE#2.

First, some cautions about payments:
a. Some of the payments with money transfer can't reach us simultaneously due to structural issues. Therefore, even paying within the announced period (i.e. 20th of June) this money can reach to our account in the following days. In order to overcome this information asymmetry problem, we will accept all money transfers reached to our account until Friday, 22nd of June.

b. Payments with credit card can be done until Sunday, 24th of June. Any teams or adjudicators who will not be in "paid status" until this deadline, by definition, will be considered as 'not participating'.

Second, here is information about the PHASE#2 (post-payment period):
a. Please don't fill the participant form if you have not paid yet. Moreover, as we had indicated in the previous mail, all participants must write the name of the liable person who did the payment on behalf of them. Participants who have done the payment can fill and send us the form which can be reached with URL below.

Team REG:
Adjudicator REG:

b. The form requires being filled about lots of questions concerning organizational matters. If you don't answer one of the blanks, that means, we (the org. team) will not be responsible for any problems related to this particular field. In example, telling nothing about your arrival details means that you don't need assistance for coming to Koc Campus. Otherwise, no matter the way participants will use for arrival (airway, train or bus), we will pick them up from any point within borders of Istanbul.

For any matters related to payment and registration, please do not hesitate to ask Hasan Sadik Arik.

Here are his contact details:
Phone: +905056711713

Harun Ercan
Chief Organizer

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