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3 May 2007

WUDC UBC 2007 Summary

The championships were won by Julia Bowes and Anna Garsia of the University of Sydney Union, only the second all-female champion team. They defeated Cambridge C (Ranald Clouston and Bob Nimmo), Oxford D (James Dray and Will Jones), and the University of Queensland A (Evan Goldman and Erin O'Brien). Jessica Prince from Oxford E was the best speaker on the tab. Suhaib Hassan and Tasneem Elias from International Islamic University Malaysia won the ESL competition with Suhaib Hassan from the same team winning best speaker The public speaking champion was Michael Imeson from Seattle University.

University College Cork and the University of Botswana bid to host the 2009 tournament, with Cork being chosen.

The World Debating Champions for 2007 are:

Sydney G (Julia Bowes & Anna Garsia. Break position 20th) by a unanimous decision.

The Draw for the grand final was
1st Gov: Cambridge C
1st Opp: Queensland A
2nd Gov: Oxford D
2nd Opp: Sydney G

The top speaker at the 2007 2007 World Debating Championships was
Jess Prince (Oxford D)

The ESL Champions at the World Debating Championships are
IIU Malaysia A

The Top 5 EFL speakers were
1) Suhaib Hassan
2) Elchanan Miller
3) Parat Sayta
4) Tasneem Elias
5) V Naranjan

The Masters Champions at the 2007 World Debating Championships are
Quebec (Matthew Sinclair and Ali Dewji)

The Public speaking champion at the 2007 World Debating Championships is:
Michael Imeson (Seattle)

The 2007 Stand Up Comedy Champion at the World Debating Championships is
Willard Foxton (Middle Temple, England)

The English as a Foreign Language Champions at the 2007 World Debating Championships are
Tsinghua A

The EFL Best Speaker was
Masako Suzuki

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