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25 May 2007

Pre-Australs 2007

Dear All,

Official pre-registration for the Pre-Australs Invitational is now open. At
this stage we have not finalised the registration price however, we
anticipate that the tournament will cost approximately $20 AUS. Payment will
be taken on arrival at the tournament.

The registration fee includes accommodation for two nights, dinner on
Saturday night, lunch on both days and participation in the tournament. Rego
is open until the 1st of June, however, because we have a limited number of
places available please respond ASAP.

In order to register please provide the following information:

1. Name of Institution
2. Contact at debating society
3. Number of teams wanting to attend
4. Names of team members, date and time of arrival in KL, dietary
5. Names of judges (if any), date and time of arrival in KL dietary
6. Do you require accommodation if yes for which dates?
7. Are you participating in Australs at UT Mara? (yes/no)
8. Would you like to debate with a coach for the tournament? (yes/no)

We have a 20 team cap. All interested teams should send up an application to
attend addressing the eligability criteria.

Thanks to everyone who has expressed interest,

Tim ( and Lucia (


Dear Debating Society,

Free Debate Inc. and UTMARA are pleased call for applications to attend the
2007 Free Debate/Pre-Australs Invitational tournament to be held in Shah
Alam, Malaysia from 29 June until 1 July 2007.

The Pre-Australs Invitational is a small warm-up tournament just before the
Australasian Intervarsity Debating Championships (“Australs”). The
Invitational is for debaters who want more opportunities to debate and train
in English in the lead-up to Australs.

The Invitational is a great chance for teams to debate each other in a
friendly but competitive environment.

Teams will get constructive feedback from experienced judges with a strong
knowledge of the Australs style. They will also have the option of debating
with a fourth, experienced speaker who will work closely with the team
during the tournament – we have an impressive list of experienced speakers
from the region who can help out.

The Invitational was established in 2006 by Free Debate Inc. with the
assistance of the 2006 Australs Organising Committee. Last year’s teams
found the Invitational a fun way to warm-up for Australs.

The Invitational will also host a forum to discuss regional issues, the
future of the Invitational, and the wider Australs experience. On the
social side, there will be tournament dinner for all participants on the
final night!

Please send your expressions of interest to and we
will contact you to confirm details.


Lucia Pietropaoli
Convenor, 2007 Pre-Australs Invitational


Eligibility criteria

Priority for registration is for teams who generally lack opportunities to
debate in;
A)Australs Style
C)Competitions against teams from established debating societies, and/or
limited training opportunities.

However, all registered teams will be eligable to break

Can High School teams compete?
Yes, but are not the priority when allocating coaches or when meeting the

Can non-Australs delegates compete?
Yes, but not the priority when allocating coaches or when meeting the cap

Can Australs teams compete?
Yes, and they are the target market, but priority will then be based on
eligibility requirements.

What if i don't meet ANY of the eligability criteria, can i still apply?
Yes, we would be happy to have you involved if the cap is not met by teams
who conform to the eligability criteria.

Who can be Coaches?
A)extensive experience debating in the Australasians style
B)experience coaching teams in Australasians style

Coaches can debate in the rounds, but not in the grand final.
Coaches are optionals - priority is NOT given on the bas

Who can be Adjudicators?
A)extensive experience adjudicating in the Australasian style
B)coaching experience helpful, but not required

Pre-Rego information
Pre-registration to be completed by 1/6/07
Rego price is not yet formalised, but this will be a very cheap tournament -
in the AUD$40 ballpark (most likely less)

What prizes wil there be?
A trophy for winners and prizes for winners and runner’s up. Top 5 speaker
prizes will also be handed out.

Tournament Logistics
Timetable - 3 rounds on day one, 2 rounds on day two and then break to a
grand final
Day one, draw will be random, day two, draw will be power paired.

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