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18 May 2007

Kyiv Spring 2007 debate tournament

It is our pleasure to announce the results of Kyiv Spring 2007 debate tournament, held in Kyiv, Ukraine on May 4th-6th.

English Language Track

Winners: Martin Kuusmaa and Paulius Ramanauskas of 'SSER LMT B', Riga, Latvia.

Tatyana Maksatova and Ivan Tertychnyy of 'Milk and Honey', Moscow, Russia; Natalia Kulikovska and Tetyana Vodyanitska of '3 Iron', Kyiv, Ukraine; George Daraselia and Konstantin Nasonov of 'Crazy Hats', Moscow, Russia;

Paulius Ramanauskas of 'SSER LMT B', Riga, Latvia.

Ukrainian Language Track

Tamara Babakova and Kostyantyn Zadoya of 'P.S.', Kyiv.

Evhen Sakalo and Oleksiy Beztsinnyi of 'Metalist', Kharkiv; Yaroslav Zheleznyak and Serhiy Artyukh of 'Jokers', Mariupol, Alina Kovalchuk and Dmytro Teterya of 'Uliublentsi Doli' ('Lucky Bargees'), Rivne.

Kostyantyn Zadoya of 'P.S.', Kyiv.

Motions for the English track

R1: This House Would Prosecute Parents Who Give Alcohol to Their Children Under 16 Years of Age
R2: This House Would Ban Gay-Specific Service Providers from Turning Down Heterosexuals
R3: This House Would Repeal All Legislation Restricting Monopoly Power
R4: This House Would Criminalise Denying Any Genocide
R5: This House Would Privatise Prisons
S/F: This House Would Grant Immunity to Dictators Who Step Down Voluntarily
F: This House Believes In The Universal Right To Bear Arms

You can download full results of Kyiv Spring 2007 here:

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