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22 May 2007

All-Asians 2007 Results

The results of the 14th All-Asians Intervarsity Debating Championship 2007, hosted by Chung Ang University from the 6th of May till the 14th.

Finals : UT MARA B (Zharif, Danial, Adiba), Malaysia won against UM B (Edith, Katherine, Raphael Kok), Malaysia by a 9-0 decision.

The Final Round motion was: TH would partition Iraq. UT Mara 2 was Government and U of Malaya 2 was the Opposition.

EFL Final: Chulalongkorn 3 def. ICU 2

Grand Finals Best Speaker : Danial Amir (UT MARA B)
Best Speaker on the tab: Danial Amir (UT MARA B)
EFL best Speaker: Ah Yeon Nam (Kyung Hee-Suwon)

A round by round account of the elimination debates from the 14th All Asians in Korea is now available(along with a copy of the motions) on

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