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11 April 2007

La Verne wins the 2007 United States Universities National Championships

La Verne A (Martin and Ruiz) won the event hosted by the Claremont Colleges inClaremont, California. Lisztwan (Alberta/Calgary A) was the top speaker.

At the Final were:
OG - Portland State A: (Sanelle and Adler)
OO - La Verne A: (Martin and Ruiz)
CG - Alberta/Calgary A: (Lisztwan and Kettles)
CO - Loyola Marymount A: (Contreras and Crooks)

The Semifinals included:
Seattle A: (Kilcup and Safarli)
Alberta A: (Ohayon and Jones)
Portland State B: (Welch and Gross)
Vermont A: (Meany and Clark)

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