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1 April 2007

EUDC 2007 Announcement

It gives me great pleasure to announce that pre-registration for the European Universities Debating Championships 2007 at Koç University, Istanbul will open at 9am (current summer CET) on 2nd April 2007.

Our website is, which is now open for your general perusal. As you will see, the registration tab is there but we would ask that you don’t pre-register before the hour we have given. If you do, those registrations will not count. The reason is fairly simple: we want to ensure that everyone has heard that registration is opening so that everyone has a fair chance.

We would advise that you read through to the end of this mail if you are interested in joining us in August. We would also advise, without making anyone panic, that you should pre-register as soon as possible. There appears to be quite a lot of interest from across Europe so make sure you get your institution on the list.

Registration General Rules

All registration must be done at our website (

If you have difficulty with this website, the registration page is at

Total team cap is 132 teams.
The n-1 Rule applies to all institutions.
The institution cap is 4 teams

How Registration Works

Registration will be done in 3 phases:

Pre-registration commences on 2nd April 2007 at 9am (current time in Germany, France etc, so 8am for IONA and 10am for Turkey).
The second phase of registration is payment and lasts from 15th April to 20th May 2007.

The third phase is from 21st May to 1st July 2007. In this phase, those teams that have paid should let us know their details on a form provided at this website.

We will accept payment only by credit or debit card. If this is a problem, contact the Convenor, who will find an alternative route for payment. Registration is €140 per person.

If you have any queries regarding registration or the information on our website, feel free to contact me. I’m looking forward to seeing you on August 5th 2007 at Koç, the only tournament where two continents meet.

Rýza Iþýk

Convenor, European Universities Debating Championships 2007

5th-11th August 2007, Koç University, Istanbul

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