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12 February 2007

Hybrid team wins UCG IV

The Hybrid team of Noel McGrath (UCD) and pCiaran Denny (TCD) won the UCG IV for 2007.
In the final they defeated UCC (Derek Lande & Art Ward), TCD (Josephine Curry & Chris Kissane) and another Hybrid team (Will Jones & Jess Harvey-Smith)

Noel McGrath was best speaker in the final and topped the speaker tab

You can hear audio files of the final at


  1. It's not a TCD team colm.....Noel is a UCD student, it's a comp team.....the CUS is not a trinity society, it stands for catholic university school :) where noel and ciaran went back in the day.....

  2. further to that.....chris and jo are a tcd team :) damn opens.........

  3. Hi Declan,
    Thanks for the correction. I have updated the post. Damn opens indeed....



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