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19 February 2007

Some clarifications about ICU Tournament in Japan 2007

About registration fees:
It is JPY60, 000 per TEAM, not per individual.

Accommodation, Transportation, Dinner:
Also, we will not collect registration fee in prior to the tournament.
JPY60, 000 (i.e. JPY20, 000 per individual) is the estimation of the cost
that you will spend during your stay at Japan for the tournament (i.e.
accommodation, transportation, dinner etc).We will arrange accommodation for you (i.e. reserve accommodation)but you have to pay for it when you come to Japan.

If you do not need accommodation because you are living in Japan, of course you don't need to pay.

Sorry for the confusion about the term "registration fee".
We will not collect them, but it is the estimation of the cost that you
will spend participating in the tournament.

If you have further question please feel free to contact

Thank you.

Urashima CHIKA


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