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2 February 2007

Posters required Update

Update 02/02/2007: I have had a good response in response to this but I would still like to have some more posters. If you are interested please let me know.

Last year at worlds I formally handed over my database of information to the council. I was asked at the time what I intended to do with this website. As stated then I wanted the site to last at least until it’s 10th birthday on 9th February 2007. Now as that date approaches I have to consider the future of the site.

I am stepping back from active involvement in debating (although I hope to attend one more worlds when Cork host in 2009) and I need to spend more time on real life activities such as career and family. However recently I have come across a number of blogs that use multiple contributors (e..g & and this has given me an idea of how to develop the site. Thanks to the change over to blogger I can now allow other people to post to the site and thus share the burden of day to day updates. Hopefully if I get the right mix of contributors then we can get fast & accurate updates from around the world and thus improve the quality of information and the service to visitors.

Therefore I am looking for people to join me in posting to the site. If you are interested then please e-mail me at giving me details of your debating experience and the regions/countries you can cover. Depending on the number of applications I may not be able to accept everyone who looks to join the team. You will also need a google account and be able to use

This is not going to be a discussion board so everyone who reads the site will not need to apply to contribute. I’m looking for a few people willing to post debating news and reviews from their country/region (i.e. more than just one college/school/tournament). Also I’m open to articles on debating tutorials, adjudication etc not just results and invitations. While I will not actively edit posts and content I will retain admin rights to the site so I can ensure access to the site does not get abused.

Hopefully I'll be able to announce the first set of contributors on the 10th birthday of the site. I look forward to working with the new team.


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