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9 February 2007

DCA Nomination for Bandung AUDC

A Clarification Email from the AUDU Executive - on DCA Nominations(Important but Long!)

Hi everyoneAs you all might know, the members of the adjudication team of everyAUDC needs to be ratified by the union members. To that end, thereplacement for Eleanor Uy in the Bandung Adj team needs to beratified through an online vote, and if needed, again during thepre-union meeting in May.The AUDU Executive were initially thrilled to receive WilfredSegovia's nomination as Len's replacement. But we came across aconstitutional hiccup. Article 13 of the AUDC Constitution requiresthe members of an Adj Core to have debated/adjudicated in a majorinternational tournament in the last two years.

The wording of thisarticle does not specify two years as counted from when - and hence,we were unsure if Wilfred (who last judged in Sydney '04) cleared theconstitutional requirements.After discussions with all parties concerned, we finally decided thatit would be wrong for the Executive to interpret the constitutionwithout an open discussion. And since it was our duty to ensure theconstitutional validity of the nomination, before we ask you to vote,we suggested that Ateneo suggest another name in order to eliminateany confusion or impropriety.To that end, we are happy to announce the nomination of Stephanie Cofrom Ateneo for the DCAship of Bandung AUDC 2007.Steph was a Grand Finals judge in the 2006 Wellington Australs, andadjudicated in the Quarter-finals of the 2005 & 2006 AUDC (she wasconflicted out of the higher rounds due to Ateneo's presence) and the2005 Australs. As a 3-time Philippine National Best Adjudicator (2005& 2006 Inquirer, 2005 National Championships), she is well qualifiedfor both the DCAship and to represent the Philippines.

Her nomination was put up by Leloy Claudio of Ateneo and has beenenthusiastically accepted by the Adjudication Team for Bandung 07. TheExecutive is happy to announce that her nomination is constitutionallyvalid. Also,

1. We would like to thank both Wilfred and Steph Co for accepting thenomination. Further, we would like to thank Wilfred for hisunderstanding and patience.

2. We request all the union representatives from the 2006 Manila UnionMeeting to consider the above nomination of Steph. We will get back toyou on how and when the online ratification will be conducted soon.

3. We would like to inform you that the clarification of the wordingof Article 13 will be on the agenda for the Union Meeting in Bandung.We hope to hear your views and any proposed amendments then.

If there are any concerns or issues, please email me or post in thisgroups as is appropriate.Thank you for patiently reading this.

Vikram, NTU (Vice-Chair of the AUDU Executive 2006).

Courtesy AUDC List

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