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27 February 2007

Australian Intervarsity Debating Championships 2007

E-mail from EASTER 2007

External Officers Briefing Sheet

The purpose of this brief is to provide all Universities with the necessary information to organise themselves to attend Easters 2007 at Sydney Uni. In line with our desire to include new universities in this year’s event this brief will contain information that will seem self evident/ obvious to many, please take time to read everything anyway. The information contained in this brief is the standard that is being applied to all universities and participants attending this year’s tournament. At the time of publication, all information in this document is assumed to be correct and up to date. Feel free to contact the Organsising Committee with any questions or queries.


If you have any questions arising from this briefing, or any questions at all about Easters 2007 then please contact any of the following people:
Convenor- Tom Robertson /
0400 474 191
Deputy Convenor- Roslyn Stein
0415 756 834
Chief Adjudicator- Ivan Ah Sam
0407 285 298


March 5 2007- Registration Opens
On this date all institutions are invited to apply to register teams for Easters 2007 through the Team Registration Form (attached). The cost of Easters 2007 will be $300 AUD per debater, $250 per adjudicator. All payments will be made into the USU account via EFT, the details of which are contained in the registration form. Easters 2007 can accommodate up to 80 teams, distributed on a first come, first served basis with a team cap of 15 teams per institution. No exemptions to this rule will be offered before the close of round one registration.

March 22 2007- Round One Registration Closes
After this date universities will no longer be able to register teams for Easters 2007 and nominate how many adjudicators they wish to bring.
There are two important points to note here:

1. Teams are only considered to be registered when a $100 deposit per team and $50 per non-n-1 adjudicator is received by Easters 2007 and a confirmation email is sent from the Organising Committee. Internet transfers can often take 2 days to clear, longer for international transfers- so all universities are advised to register well before the March 22 deadline.

2. Easters 2007 will be rigorously enforcing the n-1 adjudicator requirements (where n is the number of teams registered for the institution) as set down by AIDA. When an institution registers a team they are also agreeing to provide the required number of adjudicators. Universities may source an adjudicator from outside their institution to make up their adjudicator numbers with the consent of that person, provided it is organised ahead of time. Universities may not default on their n-1 commitments simply because another institution has brought excess adjudicators. The Organising Committee has no ability to offer exemptions or make special arrangements. If any institution fails to meet n-1 requirements they will be referred to AIDA, along with the Organising Committee’s recommendation that the strongest possible action be taken against any institution. If any institution, particularly those new to the IV scene, needs help finding adjudicators from other institutions the Organising Committee is happy to provide the necessary contacts upon request.

March 29 2007 – Round Two Registration Closes
By this date all universities must have completed an Individual Registration Form (attached) for each person in the contingent attending- Debater and Adjudicator- and have paid registration for each person IN FULL. Given the proximity of this deadline to the tournament (a week) no extensions to this deadline will be granted. The Organising Committee appreciates that it is often quite difficult to get the registration money off individuals, so institutions should make arrangements to collect money as soon as they have completed trials. Again, remember the delays associated with money transfers and make suitable arrangements. Any team which is not comprised of 3 fully registered and paid individuals will be de-registered, and the $100 deposit will not be returned.
Please note when registering individuals that the Affirmative Action Policy of AIDA (attached) that will be strenuously enforced at Easters 2007.

April 6 2007- Individual Registration At Accommodation.
It is the intention of the Organising Committee that all participants at Easters 2007 will be issued with photo tournament ID, to speed up the food, socials and roll call processes that we undertake every day. Further each participant will be required to sign the code of conduct form (attached) and pick up their show bag. We ask that each participant is provided a copy of this code of conduct prior to their arrival at the registration desk. What this necessitates is that each person registers at their hotel individually. Registration will be open from 12pm to 6pm at all of the accommodation venues. Any participants who are unable to register during those hours will need to contact the Organising Committee in advance, to arrange a time to sign their code of conduct forms and have their ID created.


Easters 2007 will be housing participants across 3 different accommodation venues, all in close proximity to each other and the Sydney University:

Venue 1- YHA Sydney Central/ Railway Square
Venue 2- University Motor Inn Broadway
Venue 3- BIG Hostel Central Station

A few notes on the accommodation
1. Every effort will be made to keep contingents together when allocating accommodation. To save headaches for all, each contingent will be allocated the necessary number of beds- bedding arrangements will be organized in house. The contingent leader will need to turn in a list of the bedding arrangements to the registration officer at the hotel on the Thursday

2. The Organising Committee has made every possible attempt to keep the quality of all 3 venues even. The allocations will be made simply on the basis of the size of contingents and their compatibility.

3. Breakfast will be served each morning at the hotels. It is the responsibility of individuals to avail themselves of the food on offer during the available times. The Organising Committee will not be providing an alternate breakfast at the University each day.

4. Easters 2007 will leave ample time in the timetable for people to move between their hotel and the University; it would be appreciated if contingent leaders did their best to keep their contingents on time when moving between venues.

5. We ask that each contingent leader does their absolute best to avoid disrupting others at their accommodation. Please note that each hostel has their own policy on alcohol and curfews which must be acknowledged and adhered to by all tournament members. To this end there will be a representative of the Organising Committee at each hotel each night. Contingents who continue to cause problems will simply be evicted from their accommodation and the tab.


As the accommodation is so close to Central Station the recommended mode of travel from the Airport is by train. The fare from the domestic terminal is $8.00 and takes about 15 minutes. Cabs are plentiful at the Airport, but cost significantly more in Sydney than in any other Australian City. Expect to pay between $25-$30 for a trip.

For Contingents planning on getting a coach to Easters 2007, directions for the driver can be supplied on request.


All the debates for Easters 2007 are going to be run out of the OTC (Old Teachers College) and Education building on the Camperdown Campus of Sydney Uni. The registration will contain all the necessary maps and directions to find the buildings from the accommodation


Easters 2007 has a packed socials calendar. The aim of these activities is to add to the enjoyment of the tournament, and to help foster social interaction between institutions. Easters 2007 is committed to ensuring that each event is all ages friendly and to the Responsible Service of Alcohol at each event where it is available. The applicable previsions for each event will be explained in the daily briefings.

Thursday Night- Pub Golf
This is a fun way to introduce all participants to the vibrancy of Sydney’s famous CBD. The basic gist of the evening is a golf themed crawl through venues in the city, with a set of rules to govern the activities of participants. All participants attending Easters 2007 should bring appropriate clothes for the activity, though there may be a limited capacity for people to purchase a piece of suitable clothing at op-shops nearby the hotels on the Thursday afternoon. All the necessary information for Pub Golf will be contained in the show bag that participants receive at registration.

Friday Night- Circus Party
Easters 2007 has been lucky enough to be given access to one of Sydney’s most popular and successful venues- Manning Bar. With drink vouchers for each participant, a bbq sizzling on the balcony, circus performers keeping us entertained and a crowded dance-floor, the night is sure to be one to remember.

Saturday Night- Championship dinner
The Venue Collection at Sydney University will play host to the Championship Dinner for Easters 2007. A beautiful venue with ample room for dancing at the end of the night, it will prove a fitting venue for the break announcement and all the highs and lows associated with it. After the dinner ends, the tournament will provide buses to take those interested to enjoy the nightlife at Cockle Bay.

Sunday Night- Harbour Cruise
What better way to finish a tournament in Sydney than to take advantage of our beautiful harbour setting? Departing from gorgeous Cockle Bay, this two hour cruise will show you the best Sydney has to offer by moonlight. Antipasto plates will be provided as well as a complimentary soft drink on arrival. The cruise will disembark at the famous Circular Quay, allowing those in the mood to party their way back to the hotel through the CBD.


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