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13 February 2007

Contributors still required.

As you may have seen I have recently added some contributors to the website to mark its 10 year anniversary. I am very pleased with the people I have on board but I'm still keen to get some more if possible so that the site has a strong flavour of news from around the world.

At the moment the list is as follows (with the areas they can provide strongest cover for)

Chris Bishop – New Zealand AIDA & Australasians
Mark Dowling – Canada/Ireland
Kenneth Flemming – South Korea & All Asians
Colm Flynn – Ireland & IONA
Anat Gelber – Israel & Central Europe
Derek Lande – Ireland, IONA & Worlds 2009
Ian Lising – USA Worlds council
Logan – Malaysia, Asia & Australasians
Manos Moschopoulos – Greece Balkans & East Mediterranean
Justice Motlhabani – Botswana & Southern Africa
Vinay Kumar Mysore – Canada
Rashedul Hasan Stalin – Bangladesh & South Asia

Some obvious gaps at the moment are USA (APDA, NPDA, IPDA etc), England & Scotland, Australia and the Philippines but I'm sure there are others.

If you are interested in joining it is still not too late (and to be honest probably never will be too late). Just send me an e-mail with the region you can cover and a little about your debating backround. Contrary to rumour I haven't had to turn anyone away so far and the Debating CV is just a check to make sure I don't give any spammers access.

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  1. Happy to be Scotland's reporter.



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