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15 February 2007

3rd BDC-TRBS Pre-World Schools Debating Championships Bangladesh 2007

Championship Schedule

Day One, Thursday

01/03/07 Registration Desk 15:00
Opening Ceremony 15:30
Debaters and Adjudicators Briefings 16:00
Tea 16:30
Side declaration for prepared Round 1 17:00
Debate Round 1 17:30
Motion for Round 2 19:00
Dinner 20:45
Dress Code: School / College Uniform

Day Two, Friday

02/03/07 Side declaration for prepared Round 3 08:00
Debate Round 3 08:30
Motion for Round 4 10:00
Debate Round 4
Lunch 12:00
Prayer Break 13:00
Side declaration for prepared Round 5 13:45
Debate Round 5 14:15
Motion for Round 6 15:45
Debate Round 6 16:15
Pizza Party 17:30
Break Night and Disco 18:00
Break Night Announcement 19:30
Dress Code: Casual / Sporty

Day Three, Saturday

03/03/07 Council meeting and Bidding for next year 09:00
Motion for Round Quarter Finals
Quarter Finals
Lunch 13:00
Motion for Semis 14:00
Semi Finals 14:30
Unplug Musical Session 16:00
Side declaration for prepared for Final
Grand Dinner and prize giving 19:00
Dress Code: Business / Executive / Formal

Registration Policy
Team registration is TK 2000.
Every institution can send maximum of 5 teams.
Team will have 3 debaters and 1 coach for the championships.
Age limits for debaters should be below 19 before July 12, 2007
Institutions can also send maximum of 10 observers.
Registration for observers will be TK 700 each.

Registrations Requirements
Participants full Name
A photocopy of the Passports with first 11 pages or Age Certificates from school.
Participants e-mail and present address with the phone number.
All participants should be a member of the BDC yahoo group before February 27, 2007.
Before registration, participants should read the code of conduct section of BDC webpage at

Motions for Championship Rounds

Round 1 This house would set free all the captives of Guantanamo Bay.
Round 2 Impromptu, before 30 min
Round 3 This house believes that medicine should be available withoutprescription.
Round 4 Impromptu, before 30 min
Round 5 This house supports renewed determination towards the total eliminationof nuclear weapons.
Round 6 Impromptu, before 30 min
Quarter Finals Impromptu, before 30 min
Semi Finals Impromptu, before 30 min
Grand Final This house believes that we should enforce a Ministerial Code of Ethics.

NB. Debaters should prepare on the announced motions for both side (Proposition and Opposition).

For invitation letter and participation please contact:
BDC group:
BDC website:
BDC E-mal:
BDC Cell: +8801715495119, +8801713371366,
+8801819135122, +8801716059382

Rashedul Hasan Stalin
Chief Adjudicator, BDC Pre Worlds 2007
Chair, Bangladesh Debating Council-BDC

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    Why so much detail about some small local schools competition that no one has ever heard of! What the hell???


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