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19 January 2007

WUPID 2007 - Reminder

Dear friends ~

Hope you guys had an awesome time in UBC lately.

If any of you guys are suffering from the post-worlds syndrome and looking for the perfect cure, visit Otherwise, just visit in the name of peace anyway!

Our registrations for competitive institutions are opened. What is a competitive institution? Answer : Former and current champions, finalist and semifinalist of the WUDC, EUDC, Australs, All-Asians and AUDC. Other institutions mat also register but are non-competitive. Below are some details:

Registration fee for competitive institutions : None

Registration fee for non-competitive institution : USD 150

Registration fee without accomodation : USD 80

Registration closing date : Valentines [14th February 2007]

How to register? – You can either fill in the form on the website or email You will prompted with further instructions regarding registration.

Give peace a chance!

Muhammad Yunus

WUPID 2007

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