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1 January 2007

Worlds Day 6: Council

Monday, January 1st, 2007 Free Day
10:30-13:00 Council I Junior Ballroom
13:00-14:00 Council Lunch
14:00-19:00 Council II Junior Ballroom
19:30-21:00 EFL Finals Grand Ballroom
21:00-late Thai Night The Cellar

Council Agenda 01.01.2007

Roll Call
o Delegate Names
o Voting status

Worlds 2006 Minutes
o Vote to accept minutes

UCD (Worlds 2006) Report & Accounts
o UCD Rep to report on Tournament
o UCD Rep to present final accounts

UBC (Worlds 2007) Report & Accounts
o UBC Rep to report on Tournament
o UBC Rep to present initial accounts

Assumption (Worlds 2008) Bid Defense
o Bid Defense Presentation
o Questions from council members
o Vote to Confirm Assumption as 2008 hosts

Bids for Worlds 2009
o Cork & Botswana present bids (order to be determined by coin toss)
o Questions from Council Members
o Vote on hosts for Worlds 2009

Lunch Break

Discussion on English as a Foreign Language Championship

Committee Reports
o Chair
o Registrar
o Secretary
o Women’s Officer
o Equity Officer
o Regional Reports

Constitution Review
o English as a Foreign Language Championship

Other Business

2008 World Executive Committee Elections


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