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4 January 2007


This post is to thank the people who provided me with info as it came out of UBC. Some of this info came in on e-mail, comments and instant messages. To all of you I say thanks on behalf of myself and all visitors to my site.

Special credit and thanks has to go to Ciaran Lawlor and Jens Fischer. They both had blogs running and I got a lot of information from them. While I sometimes felt a little guilty that they were doing all the work I always made sure I credited them and linkd to their blogs and hope they don't resent me combining the info from their blogs with the other sources I had. Also my site was reflected in the official UBC site so I needed to keep posting in order to keep the official UBC site up to date. Without the two guys the information would have been a lot slower and more patchy.

I hope Ciaran and Jens blogs set the trend for future worlds. When I first started the site 10 years ago (yes 10 years) it often took days for info to come out of Worlds. Last year we had it down to around an hour (sometimes less when posting from mobile phones worked). Thanks to the efforts of Ciaran and Jens it took seconds for the latest information to get posted on bulletin boards and websites.

Well done guys. I owe you both a pint or two next time I meet you.


  1. Absolutely agree - I recall sitting here at the time of Stellenbosch in 03 screaming at my screen in frustration, knowing that the rounds and indeed the break had passed and there was just no info about all my friends. Many, many thanks to Colm and Ciaran and Jens 'n' Henrik for enabling us all to join in the party - very much appreciated!

  2. Well those of us running Stellenbosch 03 spent far too much time screaming at screens in frustration so you actually got a good feel for things.

  3. Anonymous12:17 am

    Thanks muchness Colm. Perhaps next year the organising committee will organise a live webcam feed. Gone will be the hours of delayed news.

  4. Anonymous7:25 am

    Last year your site was a life saver for people not there. This year, even though I was there, you still gave it even more flavor for me. I also hope the organising committee steps up the multimedia cooperation. The Blogs were excellent and a fine extension to your 10 year legacy of world debate news.


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