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6 January 2007

Worlds Team Tab

The UBC World Debating Championships 2007 Team tab can be found here


  1. Anonymous2:54 am

    Will there be round by round breakdown available as it was last year?

  2. Anonymous12:26 pm

    32nd and 33rd teams on the tab are tied at both team and speaker points.

    Any idea how that tie was broken?

  3. Anonymous12:34 pm

    The tie was broken on number of wins

  4. Anonymous1:30 pm


    if possible I would really appreciate it if you could get a full tab with the results from each of the rounds...

    just so I can see where it all went wrong on the last day and at the very least compare speaker points with my partner to assign blame where appropriate ;)


  5. I'll ask the org comm and see if the system will output round by round.

  6. Anonymous3:24 pm


    When read out at least, KCL A was 30th and George Washington A was 31st, not the other way round. They are tied on teams and speaks - I don't know which way round is correct according to most wins.

    Also, can I echo the request of others both for a team tab with room positions, and a speaker tab with speaks broken down according to the marks earnt in each room. A number of people have already asked if I had a copy like this. If its at all possible that'd be great.

    Jonathan LM

  7. I have ammended the order of KCL & George Washington. I have e-mailed the org comm to see if they can get a round by round breakdown of the results.

  8. Anonymous4:30 pm

    Cambridge A and Cambridge C are the wrong way round. We won that coin toss fair and square :)

    - Ranald

  9. Hi Ranald, I've swapped the teams.

  10. rounds are not shown.. bizzare


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