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30 January 2007

Results & Motions of Kyung Hee Mini IV, Seoul, Korea

Final Round:
Korea 1 (2-1) defeated DAE 2 (3-0) on a 2-1 decision.

2-1 teams that missed Finals on points:
Chung Ang 1
Korea 2

Speaker Awards:
1) Roh, Hye Won (Korea Univ. 1)
2) Ah Young Kim (EDIS)
3) Kim, Sun Hee (Incheon)
3) Lee, Ji Sun (DAE 2)
3) Park, Soo Mi (Hanyang)
3) Jang, Hye Soo (DAE 2)


Round 1: Outer Space
THW sanction countries that develop anti-satellite
THS commercial development of outer space.
THW take Pluto back into the solar system.

Round 2: Ethics and Government
THBT assassination is a legitimate foreign policy
THBT the tree of liberty is watered with the blood of
THBT adultery should not be a crime in Korea.

Round 3: Sexual Politics
THBT sex offenders should be required to wear an
electronic ID tag.
THW imprison women who smoke or drink during
THW pay fathers to stay at home with their children.

Final Round: The ARTS
THBT pornography should be treated as art.
THW increase government funding for traditional arts.
THW require every university to take classes in the

Thanks to:
Jason L. Jarvis
Chief Adjudicator, 14th All Asian Intervarsity Debate Championship
"Replacing Weapons With Words!", Paju, Korea

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