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2 January 2007

Octo Final Motion

The motion for the Octo Final is

This house believes that developing nation should nationalize their energy resources

source: 1stpropinthefinal & yourgermancorrespondent

Previous motions
EFL Final: This House would lift sanctions on Iran
Round 9: This house would grant citizenship in exchange for military service

Round 8: This house would Ban Cosmetic Surgery
Round 7: This house would support regime change in Myanmar/Burma
Round 6: This house would abolish all taxes on inherited wealth
Round 5: This house Supports Independence for Quebec
Round 4: This house would criminalise the payment of Ransom
Round 3: That this house Supports Accelerated Land Redistribution in South Africa
Round 2: This house believes that the UK should abolish it's Nuclear Arsenal
Round 1: This house would Ban Government Funding of Religious Schools.
Masters Round 1: This house would designate one city to permanently host the Olympics

Masters Round 2: This house believes that governments should provide heroin addicts with safe injection facilities.

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