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28 January 2007

North American Break

NorthAms Break

1. Padraic Ryan and Ian Freeman, Carleton (CUSID) 6-0

2. Adam Chilton and Rosa Po, Yale (APDA) 5-1

3. Ray Seile and Faris Mohiuddin, Stanford (APDA) 5-1

4. Paul-Erik Veel and Adrienne Lipsey, Hart House (CUSID) 5-1

5. Ashish Sinha and Teddy Harrison, UBC (CUSID) 5-1

6. Dylan Gadek and Matthew Wansley, Yale (APDA) 5-1

7. Josh Bone and Andrew Rohrbach, Yale (APDA) 4-2

8. Julie Baker and Christopher Ford, Swarthmore (APDA) 4-2

source : cusid

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