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14 January 2007

Labels to posts & RSS

As some of you may have noticed just before worlds I revamped the site and changed to the new version of blogger. One thing I didn't do at the time was put labels on every post. I will do that over the next few days.

I'm posting this in advance just to warn anyone using an RSS feed that you may see old posts move to the top as I update the labels and re-publish the posts. For those of you using the main website to read the posts you should see no change while the work is being done. Once complete people can pick through the archive based on specific topics (e.g. see all posts on Worlds or Asians etc).

Update: Thanks to Mark Dowling's Tip on how to use blogger the labels update is now complete.


  1. just find this place by chance. have to say ur content is wonderful and i really like it. do carry on with ur nice work!

  2. Colm - don't edit each post. Use the label add drop down box where the list of posts is in Dashboard. That doesn't seem to trigger the RSS.


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