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3 January 2007

The Final: England vs Australia

From Semi 1
Oxford D on a 4:3 split (Will Jones & James Dray. Break position 1st)
Sydney G unanimous decision (Julia Bowes & Anna Garsia. Break position 20th)
From Semi 2
Queensland A unanimous decision (Erin O'Brien & Evan Goldman. Break position 19th)
Cambridge C on a 4:3 split (Ranald Clouston & Bob Nimmo. Break Position 10th)

source: yourgermancorrespondent


  1. Anonymous12:13 am

    Well, yes, eveyone is reporting it as an England v Australia final BUT DON'T FORGET that there is a New Zealander in there, RANALD CLOUSTON debating for Cambridge C.
    Go Ranald!

    Kiwi Claire

  2. Hi Claire! If you have been following Jens' blog you will see that Will - who may be at Oxf but went to Aberdeen Grammar - has just unveiled a Scottish flag. Erin O'Brien for Q'land was CA at Durham schs last year when she was Euros champ I think? Bob may be Durham and Camb but he is basically Scottish? And I keep meaning somehow to get in contact with your Ranald Clouston, as with a name like that he just has to have an ancestor somewhere from Shetland - or possibly Orkney. Pity we are literally worlds apart - but we can follow Jens' blog and have a gin together!

    Scottish Irene

  3. Anonymous12:45 am

    Hi Irene. Yes this is such fun folowing the final from opposite sides of the world! The composition of the teams makes it truly a WORLD final, doesn't it?

    Happy New Year by the way! It's the afternoon of 4 January here.

    Kiwi Claire

  4. Niall2:20 am

    Will Jones embracing a Scottish identity???

    How things change...

  5. Anonymous8:52 pm

    And James Dray is South African


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