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25 January 2007

AUDC 07 DCA change.

Dear All,
As the CA for AUDC '07, I would like to announce that there will be a change in the adjudication core for the tournament. Leloy Claudio of ADMU will be replaced by Wilfred Segovia also of Ateneo.

Wilfred is the winner of the 2004 All Asians and comes in with a vast amount of debating and adjudication experience to the adjudication core. On behalf of the AUDC adjudication core and organizers I am glad to welcome him onto the panel.
I can only hope that the Asian Universities Debating Union can confirm Wilfred.

In other news, we also held a seminar in Indonesia (ITB, Bandung) in order to educate judges about the Audc adjudication format. Norman (DCA, AUDC '07) and myself conducted a seminar as well as a mock adjudication test. The format followed was similar to the AUDC test and grades and model answers for the test were handed out to the participants. We also held a detailed discussion on the feedback from the test.

Thanks - believe the Union will take the DCA change ahead from here on.

Sushil Sriram

source: ADUC Mailing list

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