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22 December 2006

Update to site.

As you may have noticed I have recently updated the template for this site. I have tested it in the new Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 2.0. However I have learned from experience that changes to designs may appear fine on my PC but don't work on other systems. If you notice any problems with the site please post a comment outlining the issue. Thanks in advance for your help.

UPDATE : It seems that there is a problem with viewing this on Internet Explorer 6. The Blog only appears at the end of the page so the frames aren't working properly. I have made some changes which I hope will solve the problem. However I don't have IE6 on my PC so I'm not sure if it worked. If someone is reading this using IE6 and the blog is aligned with the side bar can you please post a comment. Thanks

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  1. Are the debates open to the public and, if so, how does one get tickets?


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