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31 December 2006

Some Standings after round 6

Here are some of the standings after round 6. It only has 37 of the 300+ teams. Day 3 is closed adjudication so there won't be any results announced until midnight in UBC.

UPDATED. Now contains 80 teams

Oxford E 17
Oxford D 16
Cambridge B 15
Sydney B 15
Sydney D 15
Sydney E 15
Manchester 15
Cambridge A 14
Bates A 14
Bates B 14
Queensland B 14
SMU 14
Glasgow B 14
Oxford A 14
Oxford B 14
Sydney A 14
Yale A 14
Yale B 14
George Washington 13
John Hopp A 13
Alberta A 13
Hart House C 13
Cambridge C 13
Cambridge D 13
Galway A 13
UCD L&H A 13
UCD L&H B 13
LaVerne A 13
St. Andrew's C 13
UCD Law C 13
Yale E 13
McGill A 12
Ottawa A 12
Carleton A 12
Calgary A 12
Cambridge E 12
UCD L&H C 12
Oxford F 12
Queensland A 12
St. Andrew's A 12
Stanford A 12
Sydney F 12
TCD Hist B 12
UCC Philosoph A 12
McGill B 11
Carleton B 11
Western B 11
McGill B 11
Hart House A 11
Hart House B 11
Hart House D 11
Hart House E 11
Queen's B 11
McMaster 11
KCL 11
Oxford C 11
Sydney C 11
Sydney H 11
TCD Hist A 11
TCD Phil A 11
TCD Phil B 11
UCD Law B 11
Berlin 10
Glasgow A 10
UCD Law A 10
Yale C 10
Yale D 10
Queen's A 10
York 10
Calgary C 10
Ottawa B 9
Western A 9
Saskatchewan B 9
Aberdeen 9
Bonn A 9
Bremen A 9
St. Andrew's B 9
Carleton C 8
Bonn B 6

source: 1stpropinthefinal, email, cusid.


  1. Anonymous2:29 pm

    wondering.. Do I see discrimination on preference of posting the result or giving special importance to the result of few uni?? even little bit?? I thought people who debate usally avoid such things??

  2. Anonymous3:02 pm

    Stop being an idiot. It's clear from the results that Colm is pulling them from a number of sources and he never claimed that they were complete. If you want to blame anyone blame the teams you are looking for because they are too lazy to send in their results. Some ungrateful people really shouldn't be left on the internet. Keep up the good work Colm. Niall

  3. Anonymous3:05 pm

    I am assuming that we are getting the results for all the top teams? As there are over 300 teams I would think that it would be too time consuming to do more than those who are likely to break.
    Would this be right? I am deeply impressed that you manage to give us the updates that you do - and very grateful!

  4. I can only post the results I either get on e-mail or find on sites such as CUSID and Ciaran Lawlor's blog. If you wish to send any more results to I will add them.

  5. These are only partial results. I'll clarify with a full post but there will be around 180 teams still with a chance of the break.


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