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30 December 2006

Some results of Rd2

Here are partial results after round 2 I have gathered from some blogs and websites. It only covers 71 of the 300+ teams taking part.

Team & Points
Cambridge B 6pts
Galway A 6pts
L&H C 6pts
Monash B 6pts
Oxford A 6pts
Oxford C 6pts
Oxford E 6pts
Queensland A 6pts
St Andrew's C 6pts
Sydney A 6pts
Sydney D 6pts
Sydney E 6pts
Sydney H 6pts
Yale A 6pts
Yale B 6pts
Cambridge C 5pts
Carlton A 5pts
Chicago B 5pts
Hart House B 5pts
Hart House D 5pts
Harvard E 5pts
KCL 5pts
L&H A 5pts
L&H B 5pts
Oxford D 5pts
Queen's A 5pts
St. Andrew's B 5pts
Stanford A 5pts
Sydney G 5pts
TCD Hist A 5pts
TCD Phil B 5pts
UCC Philosoph A 5pts
UCD Law B 5pts
Yale D 5pts
Berlin 4pts
Cambridge A 4pts
Cambridge E 4pts
Durham A 4pts
Fordham A 4pts
Hart House E 4pts
Harvard C 4pts
LSE A 4pts
LSE C 4pts
McGill A 4pts
McGill B 4pts
Ottawa B 4pts
Oxford B 4pts
Portland B 4pts
Queen's B 4pts
TCD Phil A 4pts
UCC Law A 4pts
UCC Law B 4pts
UCD Law C 4pts
Yale F 4pts
ANU A 3pts
Bonn A 3pts
Carleton B 3pts
Galway B 3pts
Hart House C 3pts
McGill C 3pts
McMaster 3pts
Ottawa A 3pts
Oxford F 3pts
Queen's C 3pts
TCD Hist B 3pts
UCD Law A 3pts
Washington A 3pts
Western B 3pts
Yale C 3pts
Hart House A 2pts
Bonn B 1pts

source : Cusid & 1stpropinthefinal

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