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31 December 2006

Results clarification

Just to clarify a few things. The below results are only partial results. There are around 339 teams at Worlds and I never had standings for more than 75 of these. I post all results I recieve on e-mail or find on sites such as CUSID or 1stpropinthefinal. If you see your teams are missing then apologies. If you can add to the standings then e-mail me at

Also the list of results after round 6 are not the complete list of teams in contention. The break should be 18 points and speaks. That means any team not on 9 points after round 6 will not make the main knockout stages (although EFL and ESL teams will break to the knockout stages of these competitions on less than 18pts). In Dublin there were 324 teams and after round 6 186 of these were on 9 points or more.

Dublin Points distribution after 6 rounds:
17pts 1 Team
16pts 1 Team
15pts 5 Teams
14pts 9 Teams
13pts 18 Teams
12pts 25 Teams
11pts 37 Teams
10pts 43 Teams
9pts 47 Teams
8pts 40 Teams
7pts 36 Teams
6pts 28 Teams
5pts 16 Teams
4pts 10 Teams
3pts 6 Teams
2pts 1 Team
1pts 1 Team

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