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29 December 2006

Canadian time zone Blogs & Websites

As I'm not in UBC and much of the action will happen in the middle of the night Irish time I'll post a summary of relevant info from various sources as I get info but if I find any other blogs etc I'll post the links.

Ciaran Lawlor (the convener of last years worlds at UCD) has just started a blog of events at UBC. It can be found at and are the main North American Debating discussion boards.

For an Australian view Peter Black Black is posting some updates but it is not clear if he is in Vancouver or like me is at home but in contact with people in UBC. It's not dedicated to Worlds but some postings may update on results from Australian teams.

Matthew Sinclair (one of the finalists in the Masters) has a blog which can be found at Like Peter it's not dedicated to Worlds but some postings will be.

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