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20 November 2006

e-mail from Ian Lising.

e-mail from Ian Lising, chair of the World Debating Council

Dear All,
Greetings to all. I look forward to sharing the experience of Worlds with most
of you at UBC in a few weeks time. Attached is the initial agenda for the 2007
World Council meeting. If you wish to add to the agenda, you may forward your
request to your national/regional reps or any other executive committee member
so that they may contact me with it.

Additionally, I would like to ask if there are any institutions interested in
bidding to host Worlds 2009. Please contact me at your earliest convenience as
there are several concerns that we must discuss. As it stands now, Worlds 2009
is in peril.

I am hereby commissioning the Worlds Regional reps (IONA, Europe, Asia, Oceania,
Africa and the Americas) to begin a hard feasibility search for potential hosts
within their spheres of influence.

Let's be realistic. Worlds has become a complicated and difficult undertaking.
But at the end of the day, it is a week-long debating tournament. The goal is
not to outdo the previous year (which UCD, UBC, and Assumption seem to make
extremely difficult), but to run an efficient and accessible event for us to all

I know that realistically, the lead time for this is relatively short but then
again, this is as much time as I have been given.

Thanks very much for your kind attention. I look forward to receiving word from
the potential bidders.

Ian Lising

Agenda for World Council 2007 Vancouver, Canada

Preliminary Council Meeting 12.28.2006

Distribution of Meeting Minutes from Council meeting of Worlds 2006

Roll Call
o Delegate Names
o Voting status

Institution review
o N-1 Review

Speaker Review
o 4 year rule
o ESL participants
o EFL participants

Distribution of 2009 Bid Materials

Council Meeting 01.01.2007

Roll Call
o Delegate Names
o Voting status

Worlds 2006 Minutes
o Vote to accept minutes

UCD Report & Accounts
o UCD Rep to report on Tournament
o UCD Rep to present final accounts

UBC Report & Accounts
o UBC Rep to report on Tournament
o UBC Rep to present initial accounts

Assumption (Worlds 2008) Bid Defense
o Bid Defense Presentation
o Questions from council members
o Vote to Confirm Assumption as 2008 hosts

Bids for Worlds 2009
o X & Y present bids (order to be determined by coin toss)
o Questions from Council Members
o Vote on hosts for Worlds 2009

Lunch Break

Discussion on English as a Foreign Language Championship

Committee Reports
o Chair
o Registrar
o Secretary
o Women’s Officer
o Equity Officer
o Regional Reports

Constitution Review
o English as a Foreign Language Championship

Other Business

2008 World Executive Committee Elections


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