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29 October 2006

CUSID BP Nationals results

Hybrid - Derek Lande and David Denton Finalists:
Yale EG - Ben Eidelson and Jed Glickstein
Queen's - Steve Dickie and Jeremy Opolsky
UBC - Teddy Harrison and Ashish Sinha

Semi- Finalists:
Carleton - Padraic Ryan and Garnett Genuis
Yale PW - Rosa Po and Matthew Wansley
Calgary - Brent Kettles and Mark Banikowski
Yale GN - Jeff Geels and Hayley Nix

Top Novice Team:
McGill - McMaster - Sophie MacIntyre and Sean Hayward

Top Speaker: Ben Eidelson
Top Novice Speaker: Sophie MacIntyre
Top Ten Teams
Team Name (Point total/Speaker Points Total )
Hybrid (14/406.5 )
Yale EG (13/408)
Queen's Team Shower (12/401)
UBC - Harrisinha (12/395)
Carleton Xerxes (11/397)
Yale PW (11/392.5)
Calgary That 70's University (11/390)
Yale GN (10/397)
Yale BG (10/396)
Western Imperialism (10/392.5)

Top Ten Speakers (three-way tie for tenth)
1 Yale EG Ben Eidelson 41
2 Hybrid 40.7
3 Hybrid Derek Lande 40.6
3 Yale EG Jed Glickstein 40.6
5 Queen's Steve Dickie 40.1
5 Queen's Jeremy Opolsky 40.1
7 Carleton Padraic Ryan 39.9
7 Yale BG Josh Bone 39.9
9 UBC Teddy Harrison 39.8
10 Yale RS Ashali Singham 39.7
10 Yale GN Hayley Nix 39.7
10 Yale GN Jeff Geels 39.7

Rd. 1: THW repatriate native artifacts in foreign museums to Canada
Rd. 2: THW seek a negotiated peace in Afghanistan
Rd. 3: THBT that developed nations should hold their corporations in the developing world to their environmental standards at home
Rd. 4: THW support the media outing closeted politicians
Rd. 5: THBT the American Psychiatric Association should bar its members from participating in military interrogations

Semi: THBT Israel should never offer Palestine more than it did in the Camp David accords.
Final: THW not allow public sector employees wear religious clothing or symbols in the workplace.
Make-up round one: THW eliminate double jeopardy
Make-up round two: THBT Canada should withdraw from Afghanistan


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