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23 April 2006

Israeli Open Tournament 2006

The Israeli Open Tournament was held in the Inter-Disciplinary Center in Herzliya on April 20th.

Winners were:Hebrew University C (Or Kroyzer & Lital Helman)

Best Speaker: Shir Parsai Bar-Niv (Haifa University, from a Hybrid Team)

Finalists were:

1G Hebrew University B (Ofir Reich & Benny Zhitomirsky)

1O Hybrid Team (Kobi Sadis & Yaron Chayat)

2G Hybrid Team (Guy Yariv & Jacob Schwergold)

2O Hebrew University C (Or Kroyzer & Lital Helman)

Remark: A Hybrid team (Shahar Ronen & Ran) broke to the finals but could not attend, and therefore relinquished their place to Hebrew University B.

Final Motion: TTHW leave wounded soldiers in the battlefield.

Preliminary Motions:

TTHW make voting for parliament contingent on military or state service

TTHW abolish all state-provided arts subsidies.

TTHBT every person has the right to bear firearms

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