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5 April 2006

Harvard win USUDC

Harvard (Samuel Myat San & Alexander Schwab) won the 2006 US Universities Debating Championships hosted by the Claremont Colleges

In the final they defeated Yale A (Adam Chilton & David Denton) Athabasca University A (Chris Jones & Monica Ferris) Alaska A (Tom Lassen & Chris Kolerok)

The finals adjudication panel was Kevin Massie, Joanna Nairn, Michael Kotrly, Melissa Franke, and Ian Lising.

The defeated semifinalists were: La Verne A (Josh Martin and Rob Ruiz) La Verne B (Brenna Lampson and Rida Fatima) UBC/Alberta A (Ashish Sinha and Sharon Ohayon) Alaska B (Rose Helens-Hart and Lindsay Eberhardt)

The top team of the tab was Yale A, with David Denton (Yale A) as the top speaker.

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