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15 March 2006

Israel Junior Championships

The Israeli juniors/maidens competition (for speakers in their first year) was held at the Hebrew University on March 9th.

The winners were Hebrew University C (Hebrew C): Ernest Lyubchik & Michal Gordon
Best Speaker - Ran Eli'assaf (IDC C)

motion: TTHW punish hate-crimes more severely.
1st prop - Hebrew C (Ernest Lyubchik & Michal Gordon)
1st opp. - IDC A (Li'or Schlezinger & Dafna Gannigar)
2nd prop. - Haifa A (Dina Toktali & Kobi Velder)
2nd opp. - IDC C (Ran Bar'on & Ran Eli'assaf)

TTHW allow parents to homeschool their children.
TTHW separate state & church (mandatory analysis debate)
TTHW abolish mandatory draft and move to a professional army.

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