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30 January 2006

TCD IV Results

Kings Inns B (Mark Murphy & Barry Glynn) have won the Trinity IV (aka the Dean Swift IV).

Oxford A (Gavin Illsley & Will Jones) topped the team tab

Gavin Illsley (Oxford A) topped the speaker tab
Will Jones (Oxford A) was best speaker in the final.

1Rd: TTH Believes that (China) has sold out.
2Rd: TTH Supports Irans Right to Nuclear Power.
3Rd: TTH Would Allow Catholic Priests to Marry.
4Rd: TTH Would introduce positive discrimination for candidate selection in political parties.
5Rd: TTH Would Abandon the Trial of Saddam Hussein.
SF: TTH Would recognise Female Genital Mutilation as a form of persecution for the purposes of asylum.
Final: TTH Would Support Sinn Fein.

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