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5 January 2006

Scanned UCD Team Tab

UPDATE: I have now updated these files as per the tab released by Dublin rather than my scanned copy.

I have scanned and uploaded the team tab to

The file is 1.91 mb so it may take some time to download. I have also uploaded the tab as an smaller excel file which may be faster to download but you will need excel.

Note: IF you find an error then e-mail me or post a comment here. DO NOT announce to the world that the tab is wrong. Most likely my scanner is wrong. The info was scanned from the sheets handed out at UCD last night. I have checked the totals etc and corrected any obvious errors but it is possible I have missed something. Contact me and I will check the hard copy.

I tried to scan the speaker tab but it came out with far more errors than the scanned team tab. I expect UCD will post the official one shortly anyway.

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