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1 January 2006

The Break

FULL Worlds 2006 Break

1 Yale A
2 Chicago A
3 Sydney A
4 Cork Philosoph A
5 Oxford B
6 Hart House A
7 McGill B
8 Melbourne A
9 Cape Town A
10 Hart House D
11 Yale C
12 Yale E
13 McGill A
14 Sydney C
15 Glasgow A
16 Sydney E
17 Cambridge A
18 Ateneo B
19 Leeds A
21 Middle Temple B
22 Hart House B
23 Cambridge B
24 Oxford D
25 Inner Temple A
26 Cork Philosoph B
27 Bristol A
28 Hart House C
29 Carleton A
30 Monash C
31 Oregon A
32 Ateneo A.

I don't have much else in terms of names, judges etc. However I understand UCD will post details on their website shortly.


  1. beck m12:44 am

    Type faster!

  2. Anonymous12:30 pm

    what about ESL?

  3. Anonymous5:59 pm

    Colm, any news on Masters?

  4. Anonymous10:44 pm

    + anyone know the who the speakers on each team are?

  5. Anonymous10:50 pm

    Great job Colm. What about the adjudicators' break?

  6. Anonymous8:36 am

    Great job, Colm! :)

    As usual, you're the most dependable source of debate news. :)

    - Peejay Garcia

  7. Andy Hume3:42 pm

    Go back to bed, Peejay!

    Glad to see Glasgow break quite high, even if they couldn't make it to the quarters.

    Good showing from North American teams which is, I'd suggest, good news for Worlds.


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