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1 January 2006

Assumption Thailand to Host 2008

Assumption University in Thailand have won the right to host worlds 2008 unopposed. The bid was very professional and well presented. The campus is outstanding. The adjudication team is in place and so is much of the fund raising requirements.

MMU 2005 minutes, report and accounts were passed

UCD 2006 report and accounts were passed

UBC 2007 bid defence was ratified

Council has introduced electronic e-mail voting to allow decisions to be made in between meetings.

Council has introduced a new order of distinction award for service to the World Debating community. This award will be given at the council’s discretion to reward outstanding service to the championships. The first award was given to Colm Flynn.

Ian Lising was re-elected Chair of Council

David Ham was re-elected registrar

Neill Harvey Smith was elected secretary

Katie Price was elected Women’s officer

Masako-san was re-elected equity officer.

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  1. Andy Hume3:44 pm

    You are indeed a worthy winner of the "Order of Distinction", Colm. Now blog faster :-)


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