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30 December 2005

WUDC Day 1

Later than planned update on Worlds. It turned out the e-mail on my phone didn't work as well as I expected (didn't work at all actually).

So an update:
There are 324 teams at Worlds
There were lots of judges. The quality was better than I have seen for a long time.
They ran slightly behind time but nothing major. Overall organisation seems excellent.

Motions: (Hope I have the wording correct)
R1: TTHW introduce an amnesty for all illegal immigrants in the United states.
R2: TTHBT the Catholic Church should allow the use of condoms in the fight against HIV/AIDS in Africa.
R3: TTHB the west should end military cooperation with Pakistan until it holds free presidential elections
Masters semi: TTHBT human space travel is a waste of time and resources.

It is a little early to say that any teams are emerging from the pack. There will be a number of teams on 9 points. I understand these currently include Cork Phil A, Sydney A, Galway A, Oxford B and Chicago A

I won't be at Worlds for the next 2 days but I hope to get some updates and will post them as I get them.

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