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15 December 2005

MMU Open

MMU Open (Malaysian Pre-Worlds) Results

MMU 9 (Tate and MacGregor)
MMU 1 (Sumi & Kandahar)
G.S.E (Azhan & Azrul)
IIU1 (Irma & Raihan).

Overall Best Speaker :
N.G. from MMU.

The Motions for the tournament were :
Final: THB That Torture is A Neccessary Evil
Semi : THB That Teenagers Do Not Require The Consent of Their Parents To Have Abortions
Rd4 : TTHW Give Drugs to Children With Behavioural Problems
Rd3 : TTHW Free Santa's Elves
Rd2 : TTHW Make Environmental Protection a Pre-Condition to Development Aid
Rd 1 : TTHW Ban Violent Video Games

Results in Excel and PDF formats can also be accessed at the following Yahoogroups sites. Check under the folder titled MMU Open.
- AllAsianDebate Yahoogroups filesection
- Australs Yahoogroups filesection

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