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17 December 2005

Israeli Debating League

The Israeli Debating League had its first tournament - The English Cup.

Interdisciplinary Center (Jacob Shvergold and Yaron Chayat)

Prop1 Haifa University (Anat Gelber and Shir Parsai-Barniv)
Opp1 Tel Aviv University (Noga Izekson and Noa)
Prop2 Haifa University (Karni Chagal and Reut Rubinstein)

Final Motion: "THBT every nation has the right to fight for its freedom".

Best Speaker: Anat Gelber of Haifa University.

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  1. Anonymous5:46 pm

    Jacob Shvergold and Yaron Chayat will probably will take the worlds as wall!


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