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23 December 2005

Assumption University Bids for WUDC 2008

Important e-mail from Assumption University

Dear Friends:

Assumption University of Thailand is pleased to announce that it is bidding for hosting the WUDC in 2008, and shall be presenting its bidin Dublin this year.

Assumption hosted the 11th All-Asians in 2004, considered to be the largest ever with 108 teams from 44 different institutes from all over Asia, and a 250 strong voluntary student staff pool. It is one of the largest, most diverse debate clubs in Asia with members from some 20 different countries; assumption has been actively involved in debate since its entry into competitive debating at the Mahidol Asians and is well positioned to host a tournament like the WUDC.

After two years in the western hemisphere, we believe it is time for a change of venue: we wish to bring it to Sunny, Tropical Asia - we hope you will agree with the choice of location.

We shall be launching a bid-site with more details soon.

The site URL is:

Please check back from time to time as we continually update it in the run-up to worlds and beyond.

Some important highlights of the bid:

Tournament Cap 350 Teams:
This is a number that we believe we can comfortably accommodate, and also allows for a greater level and diversity of participation from institutions in nearby regions that may have for various reasons, missed out on worlds this year.

Registration and Accommodation:
Prelims at the Dorms where we have 3 Star Hotel quality rooms all with broadband internet connections, Cable TV, and attached bathrooms: Theon-campus accommodation allows for people to go to the debate venue without the inevitable hassle of transfers from and to the hotel. Assumption University Bangna Campus is modern, green, and palatial andhas host of facilities: Malls, Theaters, Eateries, Sporting facilities all on campus.

After the new-year, we move to a nearby beach resort [40 acres ofprime beachfront] where the rest of the tournament is conducted. The venue in Pattaya is well known throughout the world for its MICE facilities. Here we house you in a 5 star hotel [again on aTwin-Sharing basis] and the debates will continue in a relaxed beach-side setting, where participants may enjoy themselves and relax against the gentle lapping waves of warm tropical Thailand.

Bangkok is a regional hub and flights are readily available from allover the world to our city. We will have a Travel Desk to assist participants and folks stationed round-the-clock at the airport aswell. All transfers are coordinated by Assumption. Free transportation will also be provided on the designated 'free-day'.

Adjudication and Tab:
We have tentatively confirmed Rajesh Krishnan, an Alumni of the Singapore Institute of Management to be our Chief Adjudicator. Potential Deputy Chief Adjudicators we are contacting are all worldclass debaters which have been finalist and semi finalist from Europe, America, Asia and Australia. We are doing our best to put together the best possible adjudication core.

In the build-up to the worlds, we shall also be conducting training programs within Thailand to increase the pool of BP qualified adjudicators.

We understand how important a smooth, hassle free and transparent tab is. Assumption ran the fastest tab in the history of the All-Asians, and we shall build on this to provide participants with an efficienttab system. We are discussing with several institutions in finding the best tab software for our tournament. We are considering the NTU or Dublin tab software depending on the feedback we get from the Dublin Worlds.

We will continue to post updated information on our WUDC Bid Site.

The site URL again is:

We hope that you will all support our bid to bring Worlds back tosunny tropical Asia.

Questions, suggestions, critiques and insults may be directed to thebid-committee. We welcome all your queries. To contact committeemembers, please email us at:

Rishikesh Chhabra
Assumption WUDC 2008 Bid-Committee.

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