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20 November 2005

Worlds Council Votes

Worlds Council Registrar, David Ham has published a provisional list of voting status for council at Dublin. As per the Worlds Constitution votes per nation are allocated based on participation at worlds. This list is based on the confirmed teams list provided by UCD Org Comm. It is of course subject to revision if teams don't actually turn up. You can view the list at

A brief summary:

* No country attending worlds this year is liable to be demoted.

* Bangladesh is promoted from C to B.

* Indonesia and Korea are both promoted from D to C.

* Estonia, France, Greece and Latvia return after a long absence.

* Romania will be competing for the first time ever.

* The following countries are on a year's grace and may be demoted atUBC if they are not represented by enough institutions: Malaysia Philippines China South Africa India Thailand Botswana Croatia

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